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Applications for the 2023 FFC are closed.

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This conference aims to promote the early-career development of researchers working in exciting new directions in all areas of chemistry. As a participant, you can present your research to a diverse audience, network with researchers in your field(s), and learn about ongoing research at UChicago. Engage in workshops designed to support you in preparing for academic job applications, interviews, and negotiations. The UChicago academic community places the highest value on rigorous inquiry and encourages diverse perspectives, experiences, groups of individuals, and ideas to inform and stimulate intellectual challenge, engagement, and exchange. The University’s Statements on Diversity are at provost.uchicago.edu/statements-diversity.

Eligible Participants

The conference aims to attract people interested in academic/faculty careers in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, materials, chemical biology, biophysics, and other areas of molecular science. We also seek to increase the diversity of researchers in chemistry; therefore, we particularly welcome applications from researchers who come from any groups that are underrepresented in the physical sciences. The conference welcomes postdoctoral fellows who have no previous affiliation with UChicago (Ph.D. or postdoc). Please note that this conference is not intended for individuals who have already accepted offers for faculty positions.



The conference is sponsored by the University of Chicago Department of Chemistry, the Provost’s office, and Device (Cell Press) and will be held in person at the University of Chicago on June 16th, 2023. 


The application submission window will close Monday, March 6th, 2023

Applicants should complete the online application form and request a brief recommendation letter from an advisor/mentor. NOTE: your advisor must send their recommendation letter separately, via email to lbaker@uchicago.edu, by the March 6th deadline.

The application form requires:

· A 1-2 page research summary (page limit not including references) with no personal identifying information. Do not include: your name, university name, or advisor names in the summary. This format will be used to evaluate the research summaries independently of the individual and their identity.

· A brief statement (300 words) that describes how your trajectory and growth as a scientific scholar is formed by your identity(ies), and what you perceive is the value of diversity and inclusion in science.

· A curriculum vitae (CV)

· Your recommender’s name and email


Research Summary

Should the research summary outline my research background, or is it more of a research proposal?

The research summary should be written about the topic you will talk about at the conference. This is most likely going to be previous research but can be from postdoc or graduate research, or both.

In the description of the research summary, it says not to use personal identifying information. Does this mean that I cannot cite publications that I have (co-)authored, i.e., the references cited in the research summary? Should I exclude my publications?

The reviewers will make a reasonable effort to avoid identifying you. Be sure identifying information is removed from the body of the research summary. Using the first initials and last names in the references will help in the applicant’s non-identification.

Can I put figures in the research summary (within the 2-page limit)?


Recommendation letter

Does this letter need to come from my current postdoc advisor, or can my Ph.D. mentor provide the letter?

There is no stipulation on who should write the support letter. It could be a current or former advisor or a mentor.

Who should apply?

Is the conference recommended for those who plan to go on the academic job market this year, or is it equally recommended for those who plan to apply for jobs next year?

If you believe you have sufficient research to present, you are encouraged to apply, regardless of your planned timeline.


Please send any inquiries to Laura Baker.

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